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If you are a regular follower of my other blog. Working in my jammies and lovin' it, you most likely know why I started this blog. Since getting serious about my blogging several months ago, I have run into so many great blogs- too many to put on my blogroll! So, I decided to share the great blogs I have found & invite you to do so also.

My intentions are to have a weekly "activity" for my guests to do, and share the links of the blogs visited while doing the said activity. I think it will be a lot of fun, and this will help get your blog "out there" in the great blogosphere.

The brainchild for this site happened after I got caught up in reading blogs one night. I had started with my blogroll. For some reason, I was reading one of my faves when a certain title on THEIR bollroll caught my eye. I clicked on it, read it, and looked at the titles on THAT blogroll. And so it continued until about 2 a.m.! I didn't want to stop!

So I started this- I figured it would be a great way to collect a lot of links so I never run out of good stuff to read! And as I said earlier, it helps others get their blog noticed.

I had a few technical difficulties getting my template to load, family stuff, etc...got a tad bit distracted.

Then, The Ultimate Blog Party hit, and I got furthur distracted. Got to read tons of blogs and want to get back to read more.

So now everything seems to be set and I'm ready to go! I hope you will join me!

For this week, I thought it would be cool to do the very thing that go this all started! So here goes:

Starting with your blog, click on one of the blogs on your blogroll. Leave a comment that you are connecting with them through Bloggers Connect.

From there, visit a blog that is on their blogroll. Leave the same comment at that blog.

Again visit a blog from THEIR blog roll, lv. a comment.

Do that until you have seven links. Why seven? Five didn't seem to be enough, ten seemed to be too many. Compromise!

Mention this in a blogpost this week. I haven't made a button yet, but the backtrack link is :


Put a link to your blog on Mr. Linky to show you are participating. Leave a comment here with your seven links. Don't worry if one you found is already listed- that just shows who's really got it going on!

And, have F-U-N!