Been M.I.A.!

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Sorry I haven't been as attentive as I should be here- if you read my other blog, Working in my jammies and lovin' it you know I spend alot of time in doctors offices. Then , I need to play catch-up with work, house stuff & blogs.

This past week has been no exception. My 11 yr. old has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Besides the normal trip to the arthritis doctor she had strep throat this week, so she had to go to her pediatrician. I had an appt. with my podiatrist today. So with that and really buckling down with work (trying to hit a promotion before convention in July), well I've been a little ...ummm...missing. Sorry!

Anyway, one thing I have learned about us bloggers is we love to give stuff away AND we love to win stuff. So with that said, I figured from now until June 15th, we'll list all the give-aways we find.

So, if you have a give-away, let us know in the comments, and I'll list them here on the blog.

Hey, you never know- I won a cake plate and some Finish brand dish washer tablet thing-a-majigies!

Prize List:

Working in my jammies and lovin' it (Me) Hop on over to my website to enter to win the book, "First Aid For Babies and Children Fast.

Ok, and don't forget our friend Mr. Linky- if you haven't already put your link, why not do it now?



Dee said...

welcome back!!

Hope your daughter is feeling better.

Pastor Sharon said...

Welcome back. How is your daughter? Are you taking time to take care of you?

Have a great Friday and know that it's good to hear from you again!

fashionablemom said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better!
I saw your note on TwitterMoms about sending you info on giveaways. Here's a great one...$350 worth of Guerlain makeup!!! All the new summer colors and products.
Just go to:
and leave a comment. That's it. The giveaway goes until May 20. GOOD LUCK!

~Sandy~ said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my party! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy VGNO

I will remember to come back and add my giveaways! thanks

Ali said...

Thanks for stopping by for VGNO, I hope you had a great night! I hope your daughter is feeling better =)

Hailey said...

As per the other comments - I hope your daughter is feeling better!

I'm adding our giveaway to the list - ends Monday night!!! - over $50 in accessories to be won!! Accessorize the whole family :D


My Bizzy World said...

yes, I have a give away. It is a progressive basket giveaway.

take a look!!

Sheri Carpetenter said...

Hi Carolee. Thanks for the invite over here. Love your blog. I am following now and have also added you to my list of blogs that i read on my blog!!

JulieChats said...

Cool giveaways!

Happy VGNO!